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By Senzeal | 15 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Common Questions & Answers about Using Water Tank Cooling Fan.

Common Questions & Answers about Using Water Tank Cooling Fan.

Summer is very hot, so we have to mention a topic that must be talked about, that is, cooling down, cooling the fish tank! For most aquarium lovers, cooling the fish tank is an essential task. Here are some common questions and answers when using the water tank cooling fan to cool the fish tank.

1. How much temperature can the water tank cooling fan reduce at most?
Generally speaking, choose a water tank cooling fan that matches the fish tank under the appropriate power situation, and it can be reduced by 2 to 4 degrees at most.

2. Does the water tank cooling fan need to be on all the time? Is it too hot to burn the motor?
Summer is fatal for aquatic organisms, most of which can't tolerate too high temperatures. Therefore, the water tank cooling fan needs to be used for 24 hours in the case of high temperature in summer, so as to achieve the role of internal heat dissipation for the aquarium. After years of improvement by aquarium manufacturers, the cooling fan designed for aquariums can be used for a long time, but it needs regular maintenance and cleaning, which can effectively extend the service life. And more attention should be paid to daily management, especially when used in high-temperature weather.

3. When do you need to turn on the water tank cooling fan?
Determine whether the fan needs to be turned on according to the heat resistance characteristics of the aquatic organisms in the aquarium. Generally, it is recommended to use it if the temperature exceeds 28 degrees.

Senzeal sells the water tank cooling fan, which has the characteristics of a high-power engine, low noise, and fast cooling speed. Moreover, it is also equipped with an adjustable fan seat to facilitate the user to adjust the fan position. The fan has a front grille design to avoid damage caused by improper use. Our water tank cooling fan is suitable for any fish tank. Please feel free to buy it.

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